You certainly know the feeling,when you do what you have passion for. You´ll give the best of you, your heart, your time to get the satisfying result. In 4MEMEDIA we are a team. Every one of us is unique, different  but there is something we have in common – we are profesionals in the field of marketing and we do what we love. And we are loving it.

We do everything in way it makes sense. Because let´s be honest, if it doesn´t make sense it has no meaning to even start. We don´t do numbers and we do not work for awards. We work for clients. We make tailor made projects, with effect and value.


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Bazová 9, 821 08 Bratislava
Slovenská republika
Tel: (+421) 2 446 350 29
Fax: (+421) 2 446 350 29
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