Who are we?


You certainly know the feeling,when you do what you have passion for. You´ll give the best of you, your heart, your time to get the satisfying result. In 4MEMEDIA we are a team. Every one of us is unique, different  but there is something we have in common – we are profesionals in the field of marketing and we do what we love. And we are loving it.

We do everything in way it makes sense. Because let´s be honest, if it doesn´t make sense it has no meaning to even start. We don´t do numbers and we do not work for awards. We work for clients. We make tailor made projects, with effect and value.



We are looking for the most effective ways to bring solutions, which will fulfill the marketing assignments and challenges assigned in a best possible extent. We provide services through all marketing mix and we do maximum to meet our client´s needs.

Whether you need to cover a complex communication campaign including strategy proposals, brand creation, TV & radio ads, outdoor, print or digital or you are „just“ looking for someone to design and produce your leaflets, you can always rely on us.


We are 4ME MEDIA, Creating Brand Story


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